Narrowboat Temujin, diary in France

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Wednesday 4th November 2009

7.4°C Sunny spells, a few sharp showers. Mike was up just after eight in case the EDF came early. On with the chores. I started cleaning out the kitchen cupboards. We intended to go shopping in Decize but the EDF turned up at lunchtime and connected the box to the wires at the top of the pole. Mike’s lunch (cassoulet) got mushy while he was sorting out connections and cables, etc. I took a couple of photos of the set up. We all agreed none of it would pass the regulations in the UK. There were no ties around the cable from the top of the pole to the box which was right down at its base (due to the short length of cable to the junction box supplied by the electrician). The electrician the day before had fastened Chris’s box to a tree.

Well, that’s Temujin settled for the Winter. So, as there will be no more boating until next April, I thought we would blog the beginning of this year’s cruise (and maybe a few of the early years too) so if you want to read how we got here read on.............

or, if you want to go further back in time?

Tuesday 3rd November 2009

5.9°C Grey, chilly and wet, rain most of the day heavy at times. Kept the coal fire going. I got on with the chores and did some cupboard clear outs. The EDF van came. The EDF man told them they had to get a box as he didn’t have them, the customer has to buy his own. Mike and M went to Nevers to get one. Back for lunchtime. C’s electrician turned up with the junction box he’d asked for and connected it up to the EDF box that Mike had bought from Nevers. No signs of the EDF turning again up as evening approached. Mike pulled the string on the gennie hoping we would have shore power next day. 

Monday 2nd November 2009 Champvert for the Winter.

7.4°C Rain overnight, grey clouds with sunny spells, occasional downpours. The men went to see the Mayor. All sorted, we were OK welcome to stay for the winter. After lunch Mike and I went to find somewhere selling electricity boxes. Eventually found one in Nevers for 340€ inc tax! Ouch! We went home via the scenic route on the west side of the river, via Fleury (and surprise - the dead Dawncraft cruiser was still there). Mike went to tell the news to the neighbours. They’d seen F (from Chatillon, now moored at St Ledger) who was disgruntled with the card system of paying for electricity there, which came to about 1€ per KWh. M said he didn’t tell him we were at Champvert and attempting to get the EDF to connect C to the electricity as he couldn’t come and join us as the locks were now closed. The boats at Gannay had been told to move and most of them were now at Decize opposite the LeBoat base. Apparently they weren’t happy as they were moored along the towpath with no facilities.